Bye bye Ireland, hello California

If you are reading these lines it means I am on a plane heading to Mountain View, California and leaving Dublin, Ireland, where I have spent the last two years.

I will not be missing the clouds and rain of Dublin but I will be missing all the friends that I have made in the last 2 years as well as the beautiful and peaceful city. Gladly we live in an age where you are generally one video call away from most people and I made sure to take plenty of photos of Dublin.

Thanks to everybody I have met who have helped me grow, thanks to Google for being an amazing place to work and for bringing me these opportunities and thanks to Ireland and Dublin for all the really nice experiences.

Now, hello again US!


Ireland’s Glendalough

Last week I visited Glendalough and was greated with very cloud-free wheater. This post proves how beautiful can Ireland be when clouds leave us for a few hours.












I also took this opportunity to start learning how to use my Nikon D90. No more auto mode, only shutter, aperture or P mode from now on!

Hiking to Greystones

Two weeks ago we went to Bray and, from there, we took an approximately 5km long hiking trail along the coast towards Greystones. The Irish coastline reminds me of The Shire, the birthplace of hobbits in The Lord Of The Rings: completely green, with a minimum number of people and almost everybody smiles.

Wicklow and the Powerscourt Gardens

A few months ago I went to Wicklow for a day trip, an area south of Dublin known for its beautiful nature. The first stop was at the Powerscourt Gardens.

One of the many attractions in Powerscourt is the animal cemetery that it hosts. In it a few dozens of loved pets and farm animals rest in peace.

There were dogs, cats, ponies and more cows accompanying Eugenie.

After the gardens we went to a medieval pilgrimage destination in the mountains.

After the monastery we went sightseeing through the wilderness stopping here and there to enjoy the views. I will finish the post with the nicest view of the trip:

Kilmainham Gaol

A few months ago I visited Kilmainham Gaol or The Jail of Kilmainham located in Dublin. I will leave the photos speak by themselves.








Vision of a Sunday morning

Several weeks ago, at about 9am on a Sunday I started hearing drums of war outside. I assumed they came from the nearby stadium past the Liffey which has always been a source of a variety of weird sounds.

I tried to stop thinking about it for some time even though not even my noise canceling headphones could cancel that noise. Eventually I left my flat to do some errands and when I arrived to the grand canal area this is what I saw:

No explanation came to mind and neither did the idea of asking them what they were doing.


It’s cold outside, about ten degrees. You start taking a shower, the water is warm and you feel relaxed. A few seconds later, after the point of no return, the hot water starts slipping away over your skin to your toes and then to the drain. You turn the faucet completely to “hot” while the water becomes colder and colder. You look at it with the word “mercy” written in your eyes but the faucet replies back to you with the only word it knows…