S07E05 – Maradona

[Flashback starts]Aeson, a male elf wizard, Arveene, a female elf druid, and Rupert, a puppet-sized warforged are aboard a flying caravel along with the ship’s crew and they are about to crash-land. Arveene decides to take hold of the steering wheel to try to crash into trees instead of the hard rock they are presently directed towards. Aeson casts protection spells on everyone and they all brace for impact.[Flashback ends]

Back at Don Diego’s hamlet, Maradona, our heroes find out, with some communication issues, that the ettin has been chasing the bulette for hours in order to appease his domineering mate’s ravenous appetite. Elijah feels pity and heals and gives food to the two-headed orc who then proceeds to finish the bulette that was hiding nearby and then accepts Don Diego’s invitation to leave the deserted village.

The group then arrive at Don Diego’s manor where they meet the butler, the cook and Moncho’s little sister. The servants tell Don Diego about their hardships during his absence. Meanwhile Elijah visits McEledir, an old ale monger who escaped Wrath’s mass abduction, and gives him a bag of money that Elijah’s divine advisor had provided him as payment for some unspecified service. McEledir lets some comments slip regarding his involvement in Wrath’s attack but quickly shuts up. Elijah informs Don Diego and when the latter questions McEledir the old ale monger breaks down after a tense discussion and confesses his crime: he sold the villagers to the mindflayer. McEledir primarily dealt with Zlavoi so he has no idea where Wrath and the kidnapped townsfolk are now. With calm poise Don Diego forgives McEledir but exiles him from the village.

That night, while the group is enjoying a delicious röschti, Rosita asks Moncho not to leave her alone again. Moncho talks with the group and they all decide what any reasonable adult would: to bring the eleven year old girl with them on their deadly adventures. Don Diego offers Eva, the soothsayer, to stay in the hamlet but she’s more interested in finding a wealthy and loving, mostly wealthy, husband. The party decides that their next step should be to go back to Bluetrail and search for Zlavoi.

During their trip they meet the Avengers, a group of sour adventurers devoted to finding and exterminating mindflayers with whom they each have had a negative experience. They inform our heroes that there are six mindflayers working together to raise an army. The Avengers are looking for Pain, the leader but they kow that Wrath is the one in charge of mining resources for building weapons and armors for the army and that his dungeon is called “The Pits of Wrath”. Our heroes prefer to stick to Wrath for now and both group part ways in friendly terms.

Once they are back at Bluetrail the group finds out that the Iron Shields have detained Don Quinn under suspicion of possessing forbidden magic artifacts.

The party goes to the Iron Shields’ camp that same night where Don Quinn is being kept. Don Diego casts invisibility on Miriel who sneaks into the camp, finds Don Quinn and frees him and four cages full of prisoners. Meanwhile Don Diego approaches the camp, sets on fire one of the tents with his fireball, accidentally reveals his position after untimely breaking wind and then then runs for his life back into the forest. On the other side of the river Miriel, Don Quinn and all the prisoners take advantage of the distraction, storm into the horses corral to grab a ride and escape the camp.

Some time later and in the safety of the night, Don Quinn reveals Zlavoi’s hideout location to the heroes and decides to go back to Bluetrail. In order to have some leverage against the Iron Shields the group sets things up to make it look to Gottesklingen, the leader of the Iron Shields and still a prisoner of the group, that Don Quinn is rescuing him.

A couple of days of travel later the heroes find Zlavoi’s base. As they are interning the rocky maze they spot a flying caravel crash landing somewhere in the distance. They run towards it and they meet the ship’s crew, all alive, three adventurers, Aeson, Arveene and Ruppert, who are also looking for Wrath. Both groups decide to join forces and they then leave Rosita, Moncho and Morgun’s baby dragon with the ship’s crew while they repair the airship.

Once the heroes get to Zlavoi base’s entrance, hidden inside a mountain, Arveene transforms into a rat and slips through a slit. There she charms the two dwarven guards and convinces them to open the gate before returning to playing checkers. Once inside the heroes find some abandoned mines and a trap room filled with fake treasure chests that they successfully skirt. The group of seven is also forced to hide inside a three by three meters restroom. While they are inside it Morgun convincingly impersonates another dwarf called Frederik and sends away a thug who urgently needed to use the restroom.

With the coast clear the group leaves the restroom, explores baths, dormitories with more snoring dwarves and finishes the session in front of one more door…


S07E04 – Cow Riders

Gottesklingen, the leader of the Iron Shields, invites Miriel and Eva to hand themselves in. While the whole tavern is getting ready for combat a young patron starts talking, apparently about the morality of arresting people while they are having fun. Miriel, however, captures the hidden message and, after a brief exchange with the rest of the group, gives herself in along with Eva.

As soon as the knights and their prisoners are gone, Nacho, offers the remaining heroes his assistance. In a strategically sound move they all unanimously accept this unknown ally’s help and set up an ambush on the forest abutting on Bluetrail. The intense combat that follows involves Don Diego leading drugged cows into combat, Morgun and Moncho riding them and heavy taunting from the otherwise knigth like  Iron Shields. After several near death experiences the group kills all the Iron Shields except their leader, Gottesklinge. After burying the bodies Nacho invites Miriel to join the thieves guild he’s part of, The White Gloves. Meanwhile Don Diego asks Eva about the whereabouts of his fiancee and she requests to be taken to Don Diego’s hamlet because María’s aura will be stronger there and it will improve her “sight”. Don Diego has no idea what she’s talking about but it sounds cogent and he convinces the rest of the group to go there.

After picking up Morgun’s baby dragon from a hidden cave they all leave, along with their prisoner and the soothsayer, towards Don Diego’s hamlet. On the second day of travel they meet a group of Vecna cultists fighting a group of Iron Shields. Unable to find a lesser of two evils the heroes skirt them. On the third day they stop a small band of lizardfolk who were harassing a carriage driven by a friendly old couple.

Finally they arrive at Don Diego’s hamlet, Maradona. Miriel scouts around the deserted village and finds an ettin, a two-headed tall orc, roaming around with a recently missing arm and a trail of blood behind it. The creature seems to be hunting down a bulette that the group spots a few houses later. While the heroes is trying to decide what to do with these monsters Eva declares her love for Don Diego and for his surely sizeable treasure, confesses that they actually didn’t need to come here and asks him to marry her. Don Diego says no and lets her know that he disapproves of her methods and forces her to tell them whatever she can see about María. She finally reveals that she has seen a frail and sick Maria working on a resplendent crevasse along with hundreds of other slaves.

S07E03 – The Soothsayer

The heroes recover from the flesh golem attack and then plunder the creepy ziggurat at ease. As part of the loot they get hold of a staff of the python, a silky robe that the mind flayer’s skeleton was wearing when he died and the magic cuffs that kept the monster chained to the floor and caused its death.

Back at the cavern, after playing around with a faulty teleportation gate and, luckily, without major consequences the group receives an unexpected visit. A redheaded dwarf with an eye patch and an impeccable military uniform makes appearance along with his gang of less impeccably dressed thugs. Don Quinn announces that the dwarf, called Zlavoi, is his nemesis and that he’s always trying to snatch the archaeological remnants that are genuinely Don Quinn’s and failing at that. Zlavoi informs them of his demands: he wants the mind flayer’s robe and staff. As could be expected our group of heroes give him the finger, especially Morgun, and charge the thugs. A couple of rounds in and Don Diego and Morgun are unconscious, Morgun’s dragon and Don Quinn worryingly bleeding and Miriel, free from the lack of common sense of his teammates, capitulates and gives Zlavoi what he asks for and saving the party in the process.

A while later, our ashamed heroes leave Ippuk’s cavern complex, find their riders gone and their carts vandalized and grudgingly make their way back to Bluetrail.

Later that day they arrive to their destination and all but Miriel go to take some well deserved rest. The elf prefers to spend some time at The Retired Crocodile Hunter’s inn common area to hear the latest rumors. There she learns that the Iron Shields, an Inquisition-like multi nation peace-keeping force that seeks to eradicate infidels, non-divine magic users and other riff-raff, are in town looking for her. She also finds a kind married and mature man who invites her to spend some time together and escape the boredom of daily life.

The next morning, while buying a hooded robe, Miriel meets a old outcast soothsayer called Eva. The elf asks her if she can find lost people and invites her to meet Don Diego in order to help him find his fiancee and she agrees. Miriel then meets the rest of the group at Don Quinn’s stronghold where the city major thanks them for their help with the Ippuk expedition and promises them with future jobs if they stick around.

Back at the inn the heroes finds the innkeeper, Michael Dundee, and a group of Iron Shields interrogating Eva. The innkeeper shatters all possibilities of avoiding the situation when he spots Miriel and calls her by her name.

S07E02 – The Ziggurat

The heroes continue exploring the dungeon where the find a baby dragon and a fierce flesh golem.

[flashback starts] Screams and the smell of burning thatch jolts Don Diego out of his dreams. His fiancee, María, also sleeping until a second ago, is looking at him in terror. After a second of hesitation Don Diego grabs his trusty sword, María grabs a trinket and they both leave the bedroom. When they reach the stairs they see a disgusting creature with no eyes, a grimlock, bludgeoning Don Diego’s mom and kicking her corpse down the stairs. Don Diego, with fury in his eyes, jumps at the monster and kills it.

Outside of the villa it’s mayhem. In the hamlet’s main square large jail carts tethered to ogres are filled with cowering townsfolk. The few people still free are running away from the grimlocks who pursue them. Commanding the monsters is a humanoid creature with purple skin and tentacles instead of a mouth, a mind flayer. Don Diego, after processing this scene, charges at the mind flayer but the creature casts a lightning spell that blasts him several meters back. Before losing consciousness Don Diego learns the name of this mind flayer: Wrath.

After a spiritual experience involving a female hand touching him, Don Diego wakes up the next day to find himself on his villa’s rooftop. Around him his hamlet is quiet, razed and deserted. His wedding, scheduled for that day, will have to be cancelled.[flashback ends]

At the end of the long underwater cavern the heroes find a large pentagonal room with a dance floor and roman couches. On the adjacent interconnected bedroom suites they find scrolls describing the demise of the dungeon’s inhabitants after a mind flayer arrived. Among the ruins they also found a dragon egg containing a baby dragon that just hatched making Morgun very happy. Miriel, always eager to help, feeds the dragon with the dead rat she grabbed earlier. After looting the place the group moves on to the next area of the dungeon.

In the next large cavern they find a four stories ziggurat and, outside of it, a sacrificial altar, bones and skulls and a walking brain the size of a large chair that the group decides to kill. On the southern wall they find a mirror on the wall that turns out to be a teleportation device to a storage room somewhere else. Inside the storage room they see two lizardfolk kids playing. However, after a large battery of tests involving arrows, heads and arms the group determines that the teleportation gate has a one in six chance, according to Miriel, of sending you instead to a room full of sleeping grimlocks. After Don Quinn’s insistence the group decides to enter the black stone ziggurat through its main entrance on the fourth floor. Once inside they wake up a flesh golem. Morgun tries to soothe it with her flute and singing a lullaby in deep speech. The golem slams her in return. Meanwhile Miriel forgets to search for traps this one time while trying to open a trap door and triggers a spell that turns her against her companions (Crown of Madness). The group, after suffering heavy damage from the golem and Miriel, lures the golem outside of the ziggurat and coaxes it to run after Moncho, Don Diego’s esquire, who was a track runner back in Maradona. While the poor boy is trying to outrun the savage golem the rest of the heroes manage to bring it down safely from the distance.

S07E01 – Expedition

The party is hired to explore a crumbling archaeological site in a swampy valley.

Don Quinn, mayor of Bluetrail and a fervid archaeologist, has hired a group of adventurers to protect an expedition to a recently discovered ancient cavern complex.

The party is composed of Don Quinn himself, a female dwarf fighter (Morgun), a female elven rogue (Miriel), a male dwarf cleric (Elijah) with his half-elf warlock protégé (Six), a male human sorcerer (Don Diego) with his esquire (Moncho), a barbarian and four porters.

On their way to the caverns the party stops by a tree with a lizardfolk emblem and a dead rat pinned on it. Miriel decides the rat might come in handy later and collects it.

The caverns turn out to be the home of a ferocious human tribe that lived centuries ago. The place is now falling apart and is being inexorably reclaimed by the swamp surrounding it. After killing two large crocodiles and inspecting a primitive gym decorated with dragon body parts the party reaches the prison. The bad ventilation in the fight-cage-like room has given way to hallucinogenic moss that sends half of the party down memory lane. The barbarian leaves the room with his face covered in tears while the rest of the daydreamers walk blissfully into the adjacent caverns. Don Diego, enchanted by the image of his abducted fiancee, Maria, wakes up in time to stop himself from smooching an anaconda and casts his fire bolt spell. The magic triggers the hidden portcullises in each of the adjacent caverns locking himself and half of the party. The noise wakes up two other anacondas. After a brief but intense fight Miriel learns that her rapier is not an effective snake repellant and Don Diego learns that hallucinogenic moss is highly flammable. With the anacondas dead the group leaves the burning prison as oxygen levels drop below minimum recommended values.

S07 – Characters


Don Diego del Cordón: human sorcerer. Delusional and very charismatic. His fiancee disappeared years ago during a night raid where everyone else in his village was killed or kidnapped. However he is convinced that María is still alive. The terrible loss awoke in him wild magic which he now uses to soothe the pain in his heart and to find his love.

Elijah: male dwarf cleric of Heironeous, god of War. His god has been deemed dead for centuries and every clan he has belonged to since he graduated and left the seminar has been unexplainably exterminated. His strong and righteous character is really a mask that few have been able to see through.

Miriel: female elf rogue. Daughter of a wealthy and powerful family. Her curiosity and greed got the best of her and, bored with her unchallenging and easy life at court, she left her previous life behind. She now seeks the thrill of thievery and adventure while trying to survive from the serious mistakes that she may have already done.

Morgun: female dwarf fighter. Everyone in her clan called her crazy. No well-mannered dwarf should dream of riding a dragon and least of all a young child like her. She is going to show them wrong and she’s going to show them that she’s as tough and courageous as anyone else back in her clan.

Six: male half-elf warlock. Prisoner of a powerful extraplanar creature for a decade. Despite his high intelligence the experience turned him aloof, psychotic and paranoid. The only memories he retains are scattered fragments from his captivity.


Don Quinn: major of Bluetrail, the heroes’ hometown. He is the archaeology nut with a wooden leg and an eye patch that hired the heroes to explore the ruins in S07E01.

Footloose: goliath barbarian hired by Don Quinn as a bodyguard for his S07E01 expedition.

We will keep updating this page as new characters make their appearance.

S06E23 – The Frozen Throne

After crossing the gate our heroes postpone the annoying question of how to kill the demon they are looking for and start exploring the dwarven mines. Hours later they reach a temple of Dumathoin, a dwarven deity. While the sane members of the group wait outside Ada takes hold of the keg of gunpowder and a treasure chest waking up the creature guarding them: a stone golem in the shape of a wagon with brawny limbs and an angry Dumathoin head. Ada hides in a small room which holds the corpse of a priest. After freeing the skeleton of its material belongings, and receiving a brutal scolding from the golem the elf escapes the temple and catches up with his friends who were already running down the hallway. Half an hour later, the group, completely out of breath, is relieved to see the nightmarish wagon stop running after them, turning around and starting to walk back to the temple despondently.

A bit later deeper down the tunnels while the heroes are assaying the gunpowder they accidentally blow up the corridor behind them and exit route.

The following morning the group wakes up to find Albrecht, the last watch, peacefully sleeping while a few corridors away the half-devoured cadaver of Heihachi, the last samurai still alive, rots away. After burying him under a cairn the group continues their trip.

Many hours later they arrive to Hum Boram, the dwarven fortress that lies closest to the dimensional rift that holds the palace and the demon. The heroes notice that a group of cultists and their demon pets are hanging out at the library. Ada sneaks inside and overhears the cultists talking about their artifact and the recently found path to the palace. The heroes, pleased with their new keg of black dirt, find a smaller barrel and fill it with half a keg of gunpowder, hurl it towards the library and cast fire on it as it enters the building. The resulting blast obliterates the whole structure, leaves the heroes’ ears tingling for minutes and makes Mara-kai cringe at the loss of so much knowledge. After digging out the artifact previously in possession of the cultists, a maul with a beating heart inside its head, Cairn takes hold of it and immediately becomes possessed. The group follows the numbed tiefling as he walks through the ruined city and into the mine tunnels.

Soon after reaching the palace the group gets stuck in front of a maze of rooms that reassemble themselves every few seconds. A few attempts to solve the maze’s logic later most of the group makes it out alive. The only casualty is Ada who disappeared into thin air in in one of the rooms.

Trying to decypher the maze

The group follows the possessed Cairn who continues his forced march through the structure and they all end up in a room with a crucified humanoid decorating the ceiling. Ada, behind bars in one of the side cells, is happy to see them. Mara-kai reminds her of her unused unlabeled potion. Ada proceeds to ingest it turning into a thumb-sized Ada and escapes her cell. At the other end of the room lies a steel plated door with a keyhole in the shape of an axe. Mara-kai pulls out the axe that the group received from Zabha’s messenger, the one axe with killer instincts, and uses it to open the door. Inside it a huge solid box floats in the air. The walls of the cell are decorated with sarcophagi containing the skeletal remnants of the dwarves and humans that imprisoned the demon. The group introduces the killer axe into the floating box’s keyhole causing the floating box to start unlocking while a thunderous earth-shattering tremor echoes throughout the whole palace. With the mental sharpness that only imminent death can beget they decide that Mara-kai and Albrecht will grab the maul, which supposedly controls the demon, fly towards the biggest forge inside Hum Boram, switch it on, throw the maul into the forge and hopefully send the demon back to the Abyss.

At the antechamber before reaching the demon's prison cell.
At the antechamber before reaching the demon’s prison cell.

As Mara-kai and Albrecht are flying up the mine shaft connecting the dwarven mines and the palace they try to kill as many of the hundreds of demons that are climbing up the shaft as they can. The two heroes reach Hum Boram and find the main forge in the city. The dwarven ghosts protecting it are quickly convinced of Mara-kai’s good intentions and help the heroes turn on the forge. Albrecht climbs up to the ceiling of building and throws the artifact inside the forge fires almost at the same time that the rest of the group is blowing up the mine shaft and stopping the demon horde from reaching the material plane.

With the demon of the Frozen Throne sent back to the Abyss and the whole Ice Kingdoms saved the heroes decide to take a well-deserved break in their adventures.